Endless French Noun Quiz


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how to do the noun quiz

Use the definite/indefinite article and the noun in your answer


noun hints

Nouns with the following endings are always masculine:

Nouns with the following endings are always feminine:

hints about how to use this quiz

You can press enter to automatically submit your answers and also to go to the next question.

At the moment, you have to know how to enter in diacritic marks (those things like é, ü, etc), but an input toolbar will probably be built at some point.

Diacritics are easy on ios, just press and hold the letter you want and wait for the mini-menu to appear. Supposedly android has the same thing. Someone buy me a device and I'll find out.

There's also a similar press and hold menu on mac, but if you're nuts, you've memorized the shortcuts like option+e+LETTER to get an acute accent. On windows, this might be relevant.